Inua Child

Inua (Swahili) - to empower or lift

Inua Child is a partnership between Vineyard Community Church and Pastors Albert and Nancy Mulemi.  Our mission is to provide compassion, restoration, and empowerment to impoverished children in Kenya, specifically in the Kibera slum surrounding Nairobi. 

Pastor Albert and Nancy reside in Nairobi, Kenya where they pastor Faith Chapel, while overseeing 15 other churches.  Albert also leads a network of 120 other pastors from churches all over Africa.

Kibera is one of the largest slums in the world, with a population exceeding 600,000 people.  Because of the prevalence of AIDS and lack of jobs, many children living in Kibera are orphaned or abandoned.  As a result, they are often hungry, unclothed, and homeless, while also being vulnerable to abuse. Inua Child feeds, clothes, and provides for basic education of these children, all while bringing the hope of the Gospel to all the residents of Kibera.

Your support ensures these children have a nutritious diet, a place to live, health care, and the opportunity to attend school.  Use the button at the bottom of the page to make a secure one-time or recurring donation to this initiative.  You may also sign up for Albert's regular newsletters to stay connected with what is happening in Kibera.

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