For college age adults, we feel that the best thing that we can do for you at the Vineyard is to create a strong local church where you can be a part.  To that end, our first priority for college students is to create a relevant place for you to worship, serve, and experience authentic community.  We also understand that you are the future of the church, and we want to help you discover your calling and lead God's church into the next phase.


Our Sunday morning services are designed to help you experience God within a worshiping community.  We want this to be a place where you are excited about inviting friends who don't attend church on a consistent basis.


From there we want to help you make friends on a strategic service team. We have several teams and opportunities for you regardless of your unique gifts and passions.  Joining a team is simple and will give you a fast track into community life at the Vineyard.


Finally, we hope you will join a community group.  Community groups are where the deepest and most authentic relationships at the Vineyard are grown.  

We don't currently offer groups specific to college age people.  That's because we believe multi-generational groups are best at helping disciples grow spiritually.  Twenty-somethings have something to learn from fifty-somethings.  And we believe fifty-somethings have something to learn from you, too!

To join a community group, check out our groups page and find a group that fits your schedule.