Our vision is to be a church that lives out the good news of Jesus everywhere we go.

Our Team

  • Kevin BECK

    Lead Pastor

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  • Bruce HAWLEY


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  • Julie BECK


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  • Cissy BRUTON

    Financial Secretary

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Why We Do What We Do

Our mission is to lead people into a life-giving relationship with Jesus.

Our vision is to be a church that lives out the good news of Jesus everywhere we go.

Not sure you believe in Jesus but want to know more?  Awesome!  We're committed to creating a church where you can belong before you believe.

Service Time / Location

Join us in person Sunday morning at our 10:30 service. Don't dress up, come as you are. Bring your family and friends. We're expecting you.

Even better, let us know you're coming. (make form)

Fort Smith

Sundays: 10:30 am

Map / Directions

Our Values

Our values are our central priorities that define what it means to be “Vineyard.”   They remind us what we are for, and to what we give our time, energy, and resources, as a family of churches.


  • Experience & Worship God

    The experience of the kingdom of God (and thus, the experience of God’s presence) is central to our faith and Christian life.

  • Partner with the Holy Spirit

    We pray for the sick, we confront injustice, and we seek to hear the voice of God on behalf of others.

  • Reconcile People with God & Creation

    We seek to be diverse communities of hope that realize the power of the cross to reconcile what has been separated by sin.

  • Engage in Compassionate Ministry

    We believe that ministry in Jesus’ name should be expressed in concrete ways through the local church.

  • Pursue Culturally Relevant Mission in the World

    We exist for the sake of others.

Our Future

Every church has a dream.  This is ours.  We don't see it all happening yet, but we see it coming.  You can help us get there.

The Church I dream of…

  1. Would offer a blended service that embraces the best practices of the evangelical, charismatic, and liturgical traditions. It would be grounded in the Word as it seeks to be relevant and contemporary in the proclamation of Jesus through song and sermon. It would be open to the Spirit as space is created for the dynamic move and supernatural ministry of the Spirit. And it would be focused on the Cross, being formed into Christ-likeness as the saving acts of God in Christ are re-presented through the ancient practices of the historic church.
  2. Would be a multiethnic and multigenerational community, understanding that people of all backgrounds and ages can learn from and be enriched by one another. This church would be vibrant and alive with the energy that comes when a diverse group of people use their gifts for leadership and ministry. This church would value children and young people, affirming them as disciples now (not later), creating space for their participation and ownership, and working to stem the tide of young people leaving the faith.
  3. Would take seriously the call to make disciples (not just converts) and have a robust process in place to guide people from being casual attenders to mature followers of Jesus. This process (or pilgrimage) would be adaptable to fit people’s varying level of commitment, with clear next steps for greater commitment, including baptism preparation, newcomers’ classes, apprenticeship cohorts, and small groups. The ministry at this church would be driven by its purpose, not its pastor, embracing the value that “everyone gets to play”.
  4. Would be for the hopeless who need to clearly hear that God is radically for them and calls them ‘beloved’. This realization will allow people to heal from past hurts and mistakes and be free to embrace a new life and mission as ambassadors for Christ. This church would have an intentional recovery ministry to help people heal and move toward healthy discipleship.
  5. Would be an inclusive and welcoming church, particularly toward those whom the church has traditionally marginalized, such as those struggling with sexual identity (LGBTQ), addiction, and relational brokenness. This will require a willingness to walk within the tension of maintaining historic orthodox beliefs while also recognizing that all of us are a work-in-progress. This church would create a “safe space” for spiritual seekers to belong and ask questions without fear of judgment. A key motto for this church would be “You Belong Here!”.
  6. Would be financially secure enough to give a tenth of its income toward local and global missions, a tenth toward care for the poor and marginalized, and a tenth toward church planting.
  7. Would be a parish church that seeks to be a positive spiritual influence in its neighborhood by embodying the gospel (i.e. being Jesus with skin on). This kind of church could change the narrative and trajectory of its neighborhood through outreach, partnerships with local agencies, and community focused service. This church believes that Jesus always has the power to change people’s stories.
  8. Would have a dedicated community center. This center would house a food and clothing pantry able to be open multiple times each week. It would provide an after-school program with snacks, homework help, and supervised fun to children of working parents. It would have a dedicated room with computers that could be accessed by the community for job searches and applying for needed grants and assistance. Volunteers would work with people in how to complete job applications, prepare resumes, and present oneself in an interview. A free medical clinic would be outfitted and staffed by volunteer medical professionals one day a week. This church believes that the gospel should empower people to thrive.
  9. Would be a church-planting church. Rather than retaining the best for itself, this church would release the best into planting new parishes in the River Valley and beyond, with sufficient financial support to maintain the new work for 3-5 years. This church would be part of a network of like-minded churches that work cooperatively to bring the gospel to the River Valley.
  10. Finally, this church would be a sending church. In response to the Great Commission, this church would raise up kingdom-minded people and send them out to proclaim and demonstrate the gospel throughout the whole world.

All that is needed for this to become reality is for it to be

The Church WE dream of…

We invite you to make this your dream and join us in creating the future!